Thanks for being my bliss😊

She and me are together since childhood,

With each other we smile good.

We share a good bond,

Na… not one like, these days people put on their stories,

About their besties,

Not My sweetheart or muhhh……kind,

A good means really good.

We can probably read each others mind,

And behave like sisters caring and kind.

I don’t say we are just alike,

But one thing we have common that is our pshyc.

Although friendship is all about two equal sides,

But in our friendship she have a dominant side. 

She listen to me more then I do,

tolerating my blunder without letting me knew.

I may have not said it before this,

But truly thanks for being my bliss. 

This poem is dedicated to my childhood friend “poo” And our 21 yrs of friendship. It’s just a small piece on our KG to UG wala journey.
Note:- below picture is from random internet source 


They said she is strong!

They said she is strong,

Well she had to be, to deal with civil wrong.

She lives alone, independent, doing her own courses, following her dreams to paying her own bills,

She is doing all on her own because of her power of will.

She act like a strong lady and hide her fear behind her fake strong emotions,

While making her a way to buy the daily essentials.

The loud laughs of group on the street makes her fear,

Which she swallow with guts taking away her ears.

She put her face straight up and pretend as if everything is fine,

As if she don’t even mind.

Further with courage she moves,

She found some eye balls moves up and down as if scanning her each part,

She slowly take out her phone from pocket to divert her eyeballs, to move her own attention apart.

With her head inside phone,

With fake confidence on face,

Hoping just to reach her place.

She finally reach home and family on call awaits,

Fighting her fear, I am fine she says.

Yes, what they said was right, She is indeed strong.


Believe to be live

Belief is a small word that has power to create miracles. Every successful story starts with a belief that it can happen. If you believe it, you can do it. 

After all it’s just because of belief of writ bother’s that today we can fly.

It’s just because of the freedom fighter and constitution Farmers that today India is worlds most matured democracy. 

It’s just Because of Dhirubhai Ambani’s belief that a person who used to work at petrol pump now has so many self owned firms. 

It’s all about belief. If you want to achieve something, believe that you can do it. Don’t doubt for even a single second. Don’t think how,when , who, whom. But just believe and start working, your belief will drive you to your destiny.


Believe in yourself,

Believe in your dreams, 

Believe in end results, 

Believe to see the magic, 

Believe to be lived.


All about 3 strata of society. 

A society is often divided into 3 strata: poor, middle and rich. Besides economical difference there is one more thing that separates them. This one thing is their mentality. Let me explain you all in detail. 

Talking about poor strata people, these people are often very satisfied with two meals a day. They don’t have any plans, any dreams or any aim. As soon as they get stomach full of food they get satisfied. Now if  a person from this group earns enough to purchase two time meal till afternoon he gets happy and don’t work for rest of the day. That is they just work for survival. 

Second are middle strata people, these people have enough sources and many opportunities. But want drags them down and not let them go in Rich strata is their complaining nature. These people keep complaining about each and every thing. And hence even though they have dreams, aims, opportunities, they don’t achieve their goals. Probably because they waste most of their energy in complaining. 

Third are the most fortunate, rich strata, these people are very busy in improving their own self.unlike poor strata These people never get satisfied, they keep on raising their bar, raising their goals, and improving their work. And unlike middle strata they don’t waste time in complaining. That’s what keep them in the upper most strata of the society. 

So, that’s how are 3 strata different from eachother. Check out in which strata you belong.