Bollywood songs sung by India to different countries.

Just for fun, in this post I am going to put forward few Bollywood songs that different countries sings to each other. 

1. India and Pakistan:

Since this is the most favourite topic to many nationalist in both countries. A song that India sings for Pakistan is :

“Bagho ke haar phul ko aapna samjhe baghban (movie: baghban)” 

This song basically describes how India felt over the partition.

2. India and USA

They both have good relations. Before trumph was elected the song that India would have sung for USA was: 

“Hum bane.. tum bane…. ek duje ke liye”(movie: ek duuje ke liye)”

And after Donald trumph H1B visa decision India be like: 

“Ye Kay ho raha hai bhai…. ye Kya ho raha hai (movie: hum kisi se kam Nhi)”

3. India to Russia:

Since India and Russia are said to have most romantic relations. So only song that India sings for Russia is,

“Jab tak tujhe pyaar be intahaa bhar na du….(movie: M.S.Dhoni)”

4. India to Bangladesh: 

India have been one big force in formation of Bangladesh. But today when there is india-Pakistan match, Bangladesh supports Pakistan and so India is like: 

“Aacha Shila diya tu ne mere pyaar ka(movie: bewafa sanam)”

5. India and srilanka: 

Srilanka is completely under debt. And now they don’t have option other then be at mercy of the lender that is China. So, India to srilanka sings: 

“Aamdani aathani kharcha rupaiya (movie: aamdani aathani kharcha rupiya)”

6. India to china: 

China keeps poking to India. They always try hard to get on india. 

So china sings to India 

“Aa dekhe jara kisme kitna hai dum (movie: aa dekhen jara)”

and India replies be like 

” hum bhi hai josh me, baatie kar hosh me, yu na aankhe ladha (movie: josh)”

7. India and Japan: 

Well, Japan has been always kind to India. In starting days they, I.e after independence Japan had helped India a lot. And is been always helpful in providing technology, funds. So India song for Japan would be: 

“Hume aur jene ki chahat na hote, aagar tum na hote, aagar tum na hote (movie: aagar tum na hote)”

My nation 🇮🇳 , My inspiration 

Whenever I feel something is impossible, or whenever I doubt over my capabilities, or whenever I feel I should give it up I remind myself of my nation’s history. Me being part of India, a country which struggled hard for its independence, feel proud and inspired when I remind myself about our own history. 

Not just Indian independence struggle but the struggle of country with various issues even after achieving the independence make me inspired. 

After independence India had to deal with lots of issues like poverty, unemployment, healthcare, to bring unity among people, to deal with princely state, education, to maintain the unique identity of each group which in right words can be written as maintaining unity in diversity and many more. There were so many problems and what then leaders had in their hands was nothing but a country whose resources were fully exploited. There was no ray of hope but still India managed it. It fought with every problem. And not just tackled it but has made its position in world in such a manner that today India leads in various world associations, it participate in various forums and is a renowned country. 

When I read the history of my country I feel so inspired. And when I relate it to my problems I feel my problems are just like an ant in front of what the country faced in history. And if country can overcome through those worst conditions so beautifully and today became one of the fastest growing GDP then for me to overcome my issues should not be a big deal. And this way I get charged up and fight against the difficulties. 

Dad’s inspiring word

Me and my dad had a long conversation over career. My dreams being too big, atleast for now it seems impossible. I am luckier to have parents who not just support me but also pumps the positivity in my struggling period. Here I am with that one short dialogue from our long conversation which boosted my confidence 

Me: what if I fall?

Dad: oh darling, what if you fly?

Poem for my Dad😊

Today is my dad’s birthday. And so on this special day of my special person I am writing this special poem. 

Although I am close to mother,

In hard times the first person I remember is you my father.

You know each and every bit of my soul,

Even if I don’t express it you understand whole.

You can read my face,

Accordingly you give me my space.

I feel so proud in introducing you as my father,

I hope one day you will also proudly introduce me as your daughter (I know your proud of me, but still want to make you more proud)

I did nothing,

Still you gave me everything.

I would have failed in the game of life,

It’s just because of you that I survived.

I don’t know where I would have been without you, 

You are my guiding power and all I am, I am just because of you.

I fear that one day I have to leave the kingdom,

A kingdom which you have created,

A kingdom were king, queen and Prince work for my happiness.

I wish things don’t grow any more,

I wish everything remains the same till death,

And I wish I be your daughter in each and every life ahead. 

(Picture from random internet source)

Wish you dad a very happy birthday 

Life’s lesson at traffic signal. 

I was on my way to home driving my two wheeler suddenly the signal turned red and I stopped there. Many along with me were waiting for the signal to turn green. While I saw around, everyone was impatiently waiting for the signal. But one thing I saw, and that put me in deep thinking. That thing brought up lots of question and suddenly a big realisation came within.

Well, on signal I saw a poor girl. She was wearing dress which I guess wasn’t washed for many days. Her hair was messy. She was sitting on the footpath. I guess she was specially abled. I could make out it because of her behaviour. She was alone sitting there without knowing where she is, what she is doing. And suddenly a man comes from behind. I guess he knew that girl, I guess she is one among them. He offered the girl with a plastic bag which consist of rice. That girl took the bag and a big smile came on her face. Just like she achieved something very precious. She took the first bit happily. I could feel what she was feeling. Since her face was so very lit up that anyone could make out how happy she was. 

While I was carefully observing all this suddenly the horns started buzzing and I realised that the signal has turned green. I moved on. But what I observed remained with me. I don’t know what happened but the questions started popping up. I looked myself and the questions arises , 

“what is it that even though she don’t have good clothes still she is happy and I am in complaining mode?”

“What is it that a rice plate made her happy and even though I am having so much I don’t feel that happiness?”

“Have I really lost the meaning of life?”

“Have I started living the life like all those human cums machines who are so busy in chasing the things that they don’t find time to live life?” 

“What kind of life these days I am living? One in which I have complains that I don’t have this and that” 

“Really are my claims that I have the toughest life true…”

And it blowed me. It changed my perception. I have always been fond of self help book. And I always try to implement it my life. But these days, I don’t know why I stopped implementing the principles of The Secret. But this incident reflected the real problem I am facing. I realised the change that took in my life. Now, after all this realisation first most thing I did is, I bought a book “The Monk who sold his Ferrari” by Robin sharma. And I have decided to set my priorities. I decide not to be the human cum machine but to live life fully. I decided to chase for knowledge and Satisfaction and not materialistic thing. And all this is just because of the traffic signal turned red. I thing that’s all the life is all about. Learning from all the small and big people observations. 

Being introvert…!!!

Often people misunderstand the introvert people. Many call introvert people antisocial animal. Introvert aren’t anti social. They are people who hangout with known one easily but when it comes to mingle with new people they find it difficult . Introvert are often very possessive over the people they hangout with. They are very specific about whom to talk, when to talk and what to talk. Often introverts are afraid to share their stories or talk to new people not because they are anti social but because they are afraid, they don’t want to share their views, emotions or stories. May be they don’t want to showcase it, or they fear that someone can make fun of their emotions. Such introverts aren’t anti social they just fear to expose their inner soul.

Whatever they feel they keep it to them. Being human, it can’t be kept for long within and so their feeling, emotions comes out in the form of art. It comes out in the form of poems, stories, music or drawing. Most of the time you find that great writers are introverts. Many successful people you find are introvert. And so the society need to understand the difference between introverts and anti social. just because you don’t like to hangout with people doesn’t mean you are anti social. 

People don’t become introvert by choice they become one due the circumstances they grew up in. As it is rightly said, ” one cannot understand the others pains, unless and until one steps into his/her shoe” same goes with extrovert and introvert. If it is important for society to understand the difference between anti social and introverts then it is equally important for introverts people to come out occasionally and push themselves to talk with new people, to start conversation with new people. For introverts who can help them, is they themselves. 

So, just a small request at the end. If you see any introvert person around you trying hard to come up of his situation respect him or her and help them to tackle their problem.