March Rush

Well, this is a very interesting concept in Indian constitution. All Indians may have probably seen it, they may have probably experienced it but they must have not known what it is exactly termed as.

Every year, government allocate certain budget to all the municipal corporation. This budget is expected to be used wisefully to meet the cities need. Even though budget is assigned to municipal corporation they don’t use it. It remains in the account as it is till the month of March. In the month of March suddenly all the officers of MC’s wake up. And they try to use whole budget of one year within 1-2 month. And for doing this they start digging the well constructed roads saying they want to put new pipeline. For no reason, they damages the good condition public property and create chaos for public. Now here arises a question… why this people suddenly start using all money till March? Well, it’s because with new economic year, new budgets are allocated and if Mac’s are left over with last year budget money then that whole remaining money is taken back by the center. So, in order to not to give back the money to center all the money is spent in hurry. In order to spend it in hurry a lot amount of corruption also take place. As they give the contractor more money, and contractor in order to fetch the contract (which is obviously a profitable deal) give money to officer. And  this is how the system works every year. So, next time whenever you see any work going around in or before march you will easily identified it’s a “March Rush”.

Legally they do illegal things. 


51st posts

Here have written 50 post. And this my 51th one. It took me 3 years to write 50 post which probably reach out to 61 people. I am not very regular with blogging. I appear here once in a blue moon. And so even reaching to this level is big deal. Before getting on to wordpress.com I wasn’t sure I will be able to write or not. I was completely new to this platform and also to blogging. I came to know about wordpress just when I was surfing on internet to see how to improve the writing skill. And as I read about wordpress and its community, I thought to give it a try. 

I opened my account and wrote my first blog. Which on th rape victim. For which I got response from overseas. It was big deal for me because I didn’t expected it. And then slowly slowly I started writing and blog by blog I kept improving. Today when people ask me about me i have this unique thing to add about me and I.e. about my blogs. Everyone with whom I shared blogs, I got very constructive feedback. I love when people pointed out my mistakes for I learnt from them. 

Thank you everyone for all your constructive feedback. It wouldn’t have been possible without you all. 



Every one says they are afraid of loneliness. Well, this people will never make to the top. For on the top you have to be alone. There will be no one above. And if you want to make it to top you have to deal with living alone. Even the sun in the sky is alone and so is the moon. This is because its the nature’s rule that everyone can’t be on the top. 

One should not be afraid with loneliness. One should accept it with open arms. It gives you time to spend with the most deserving person I.e. you. It make you more creative. It make you more aware of your own self. Believe me or not but loneliness comes with peace that is hard to experience in this busy world. 


Review of Bose: dead or alive.

Every story which has a start, has an end too. But few stories are exceptional, one such exception is Bose story. 

Subhash Chandra Bose is one of the influentional and revolutinalist leader of Indian freedom struggle. He was the most important factor in making India an independent country. It was because him that India had own army in 1945. He was the one person who had least interest in politics and aspiration of self. He was only interested in freedom, freedom of India. Britishers too were obsessed by Mr. Bose. And they were always afraid of him. This man Mr. Bose went overseas during 1945 to seek support from different countries leader with fake identity. He had immense courage and looking at his courage Hitler gave Mr. Bose title of “Netaji”. Yes, it’s then that Mr. Bose all over the world was recognised as Netaji. 

His life is full of adventures and mysteries. And even his death is a big unsolved mystery. It was said that Mr. Bose died in aircraft crash in 1945. But it was believed that many people saw him even after the aircraft crash. It’s still not clear whether Bose died in 1945 or was he live. If he is alive then when did he actually died. Well, the end of Mr. Bose has always been a mystery and will remain one in future too. 

This series “Bose: Dead or alive has done complete justice to netaji’ s life. It’s crisp and mysterious. It’s screenplay, direction and dialogues are just perfect. Under the production house Balaji teleflims this web series had been released. And this web series is worth investing your time. I would recommend all Indians and also one who are interested in Indian freedom struggle to watch this web series. Because it deserves your attention. 



It’s fair enough that a person who is born has to die one day. Yet we humans aren’t ready to accept the fact of death. Death even though a natural phenomena and nature’s rule, it comes to us in various form. Sometimes it’s sudden and sometimes it make you suffer every single second. Sudden death is always better. For the bed rest kind of things makes not just the person who is dying but people around him suffer and feel death every moment. 

Its so hard enough to see someone who has taught you crucial lessons of life, a person who hold your hand when you weren’t even able to walk, a person in whose lapse you played in your childhood, today is counting every second of his life. And you couldn’t help but just see him dying. 

Today, even though science and technology has reached it extreme potential but one thing they can’t control is death. Today money lost its meaning when it can’t save a life. Even prayers can’t show the miracle, for cancer isn’t created by God but by human themselves. 

Everything was running smoothe which obvisouly wasn’t digested by the creator. And yet again a new suffering. Everytime and in everything i always had a hope….but this time even the hope gave up.