They said she is strong!

They said she is strong,

Well she had to be, to deal with civil wrong.

She lives alone, independent, doing her own courses, following her dreams to paying her own bills,

She is doing all on her own because of her power of will.

She act like a strong lady and hide her fear behind her fake strong emotions,

While making her a way to buy the daily essentials.

The loud laughs of group on the street makes her fear,

Which she swallow with guts taking away her ears.

She put her face straight up and pretend as if everything is fine,

As if she don’t even mind.

Further with courage she moves,

She found some eye balls moves up and down as if scanning her each part,

She slowly take out her phone from pocket to divert her eyeballs, to move her own attention apart.

With her head inside phone,

With fake confidence on face,

Hoping just to reach her place.

She finally reach home and family on call awaits,

Fighting her fear, I am fine she says.

Yes, what they said was right, She is indeed strong.


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