All about 3 strata of society. 

A society is often divided into 3 strata: poor, middle and rich. Besides economical difference there is one more thing that separates them. This one thing is their mentality. Let me explain you all in detail.

Talking about poor strata people, these people are often very satisfied with two meals a day. They don’t have any plans, any dreams or any aim. As soon as they get stomach full of food they get satisfied. Now if a person from this group earns enough to purchase two time meal till afternoon he gets happy and don’t work for rest of the day. That is they just work for survival.

Second are middle strata people, these people have enough sources and many opportunities. But what drags them down and not let them go in Rich strata is their complaining nature. These people keep complaining about each and every thing. And hence even though they have dreams, aims, opportunities, they don’t achieve their goals. Probably because they waste most of their energy in complaining.

Third are the most fortunate, rich strata, these people are very busy in improving their own self.unlike poor strata These people never get satisfied, they keep on raising their bar, raising their goals, and improving their work. And unlike middle strata they don’t waste time in complaining. That’s what keep them in the upper most strata of the society.

So, that’s how are 3 strata different from eachother. Check out in which strata you belong.


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