What will you prefer? 

If given a choice between two cellphones one is Apple, designed in US and manufactured in china and another exactly similar to Apple but designed and manufactured in china. Which one will you prefer?

Well, I know 99.99% people will choose the real Apple. And reason being, everyone likes Brand, original comes with garuntee, and even if the duplicate claims that their product is exactly same they will miss some or other small detail.

Now, when purchasing a thing like cellphone a person prefer original brand then why do one in their real life try to copy other or duplicate other. One should be oneself. It bring efficiency in your work and you become more better.

In market, what attracts people the most. The brand stores, right? Reason being, they have unique design and basically they have certain special features. Same apply to our life. Person who be himself/herself always have a unique character. And become the attractive personality in whichever field they get in.

Be like an Apple:

original, attractive, creative, crazy.

So that you can live a life like none other lived before.


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  1. maheenasim says:

    Very nicely written! 🙂

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  2. kritikagarg says:

    True… 👍👍🙏

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