Skill up to stand up.

The problem with youth is, they often run in the race without knowing anything. They run because others are running. They participate in the race because their seniors have done so, and their senior end up getting good job at the end of this race.

But then look, it’s not at all that way. One should focus on getting skill up rather then a job or package. In this world there are lakhs and crores of opportunities but what is lacking is skilled labour. India too have many youth, but very few skilled youth. Skilling yourself can help you float in market at desirable rate. And your skills can also increase your bargaing power.

Instead of getting directly into race. Take few months, realise your interest, search for opportunities in that field, look out what all skills are required to grab that opportunity, skill yourself according to that, and then enter into market.

When you do this, you will, in real manner stand up on yourself in your life. You won’t be having any insecurities regarding your job. For your skill give you a very unique confidence that even you are thrown out of a particular firm, you can make your living by taking up the other temporary projects in the market.

Most of the youth is seen stressed, reason being they are always worried about “what if company throws me out?” Well, that because they know, they aren’t updated and if they go in the market they will have to struggle.

And in case of the skilled person, you know what, the company is worried that if this person went to other firm, where would we find another such high qualified and skilled person. And so skilled labours are always treated special.

We all have an attitude that we want to achieve everything overnight. But that’s truly impossible. And even if you achieve success overnight, that success don’t last for longer time. Our success story should be a big story and not a moment.

Give yourself time, skill yourself, enjoy each moment of the journey, and I can bet you, after reaching your destination, you will find your journey was more beautiful then your destiny.

So, skill up, live up, and stand up.


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  1. rupaligoyal says:

    Everything so true! Great post! ๐Ÿ˜Š

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    1. Insane girl says:

      Thank you ๐Ÿค—

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