Bollywood songs sung by India to different countries.

Just for fun, in this post I am going to put forward few Bollywood songs that different countries sings to each other. 

1. India and Pakistan:

Since this is the most favourite topic to many nationalist in both countries. A song that India sings for Pakistan is :

“Bagho ke haar phul ko aapna samjhe baghban (movie: baghban)” 

This song basically describes how India felt over the partition.

2. India and USA

They both have good relations. Before trumph was elected the song that India would have sung for USA was: 

“Hum bane.. tum bane…. ek duje ke liye”(movie: ek duuje ke liye)”

And after Donald trumph H1B visa decision India be like: 

“Ye Kay ho raha hai bhai…. ye Kya ho raha hai (movie: hum kisi se kam Nhi)”

3. India to Russia:

Since India and Russia are said to have most romantic relations. So only song that India sings for Russia is,

“Jab tak tujhe pyaar be intahaa bhar na du….(movie: M.S.Dhoni)”

4. India to Bangladesh: 

India have been one big force in formation of Bangladesh. But today when there is india-Pakistan match, Bangladesh supports Pakistan and so India is like: 

“Aacha Shila diya tu ne mere pyaar ka(movie: bewafa sanam)”

5. India and srilanka: 

Srilanka is completely under debt. And now they don’t have option other then be at mercy of the lender that is China. So, India to srilanka sings: 

“Aamdani aathani kharcha rupaiya (movie: aamdani aathani kharcha rupiya)”

6. India to china: 

China keeps poking to India. They always try hard to get on india. 

So china sings to India 

“Aa dekhe jara kisme kitna hai dum (movie: aa dekhen jara)”

and India replies be like 

” hum bhi hai josh me, baatie kar hosh me, yu na aankhe ladha (movie: josh)”

7. India and Japan: 

Well, Japan has been always kind to India. In starting days they, I.e after independence Japan had helped India a lot. And is been always helpful in providing technology, funds. So India song for Japan would be: 

“Hume aur jene ki chahat na hote, aagar tum na hote, aagar tum na hote (movie: aagar tum na hote)”


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  1. rupaligoyal says:

    Hahaha this was so much fun! Great! 😂

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