My nation 🇮🇳 , My inspiration 

Whenever I feel something is impossible, or whenever I doubt over my capabilities, or whenever I feel I should give it up I remind myself of my nation’s history. Me being part of India, a country which struggled hard for its independence, feel proud and inspired when I remind myself about our own history.

Not just Indian independence struggle but the struggle of country with various issues even after achieving the independence make me inspired.

After independence India had to deal with lots of issues like poverty, unemployment, healthcare, to bring unity among people, to deal with princely state, education, to maintain the unique identity of each group which in right words can be written as maintaining unity in diversity and many more. There were so many problems and what then leaders had in their hands was nothing but a country whose resources were fully exploited. There was no ray of hope but still India managed it. It fought with every problem. And not just tackled it but has made its position in world in such a manner that today India leads in various world associations, it participate in various forums and is a renowned country.

When I read the history of my country I feel so inspired. And when I relate it to my problems I feel my problems are just like an ant in front of what the country faced in history. And if country can overcome through those worst conditions so beautifully and today became one of the fastest growing GDP then for me to overcome my issues should not be a big deal. And this way I get charged up and fight against the difficulties.


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  1. rupaligoyal says:

    Good to see a proud Indian! Awesome post! ☺


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