Poem for my Dad😊

Today is my dad’s birthday. And so on this special day of my special person I am writing this special poem. 

Although I am close to mother,

In hard times the first person I remember is you my father.

You know each and every bit of my soul,

Even if I don’t express it you understand whole.

You can read my face,

Accordingly you give me my space.

I feel so proud in introducing you as my father,

I hope one day you will also proudly introduce me as your daughter (I know your proud of me, but still want to make you more proud)

I did nothing,

Still you gave me everything.

I would have failed in the game of life,

It’s just because of you that I survived.

I don’t know where I would have been without you, 

You are my guiding power and all I am, I am just because of you.

I fear that one day I have to leave the kingdom,

A kingdom which you have created,

A kingdom were king, queen and Prince work for my happiness.

I wish things don’t grow any more,

I wish everything remains the same till death,

And I wish I be your daughter in each and every life ahead. 

(Picture from random internet source)

Wish you dad a very happy birthday 


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