What’s wrong with environment Minister ?

Environment ministry which is called as “Ministry of environment ,Forest and climate change” is the ministry who swornin to safeguard environment. This ministry has the special authority to look after eco friendly and sustainable development. But it seems that this ministry has forgotten there duties. 

Recently, the project of metro car shed in Aarey had give a green signal knowing that Aarey is one among the very few green belt left with the city. Metros are undoubtedly important for development of city but development at the cost of environmental destruction is unaffordable. This ministry has smartly excluded the few kilometres from ESZ and gave permission for Metroshed. Although the campaign like save Aarey by an NGO, vanaskhati, was carried out but still it didn’t work. This project Will necessitate the cutting of more than 2300 trees which causes complete imbalance within the forest. Taking into consideration the importance of this project, the Aarey conservative group, a collective of residents and environmentalists had sent government a list of seven alternative locations for the car shed but suprisingly none of them were taken into consideration. Instead the ministry stick to very first option of destroying the greenbelt.

When asked about all this stuff to Ashwini Bhide, managing director of Mumbai Metro Railway Corporation said, “The spot where Dpot is planned is flanked by heavy traffic Road on three sides and that the status Quo order of NGT is applicable only for an area of hundred metres from the National Park” whatever may be the case if the area are been excluded at purposefully from ESZ (environmental sensitive zone  )then it is not expected.

This  is not the only case, the project of Navi Mumbai International Airport which has endangered the mangroves also got a nod to go ahead. We all know the importance of mangroves in coastal region. This mangroves helps in avoiding the flood like situation. And one cannot imagine what kinda destruction we will face due to this decision . If such projects started getting clearances from environment ministry then no sooner we will see the Mumbai underwater. And this dream city will become a dream for all of us. Destroying environment for development is not at all a good idea. Time and again We have witnessed the situation wherein we tried to Harm environment and in return environment had showed its  cruel  reaction. 

The incident of Kedarnath (Uttarakhand) in 2013 is the best example to be learnt from. This floods ruined away everything. The big buildings floated like matchboxes and people were swept away like insects. And huge distruction left whole country numb. It is always said one should learn from the history and those who  failed to do so for them the history repeats. Its an high alter to government to save Mumbai, if the MoEF (Ministry of environment, forests) keeps on clearing such project at the cost of environment, I would clearly see the Mumbai in water.

Chop chop chop a tree,

Mine mine mine a mountain,

For money rules our economy,

And dollars for resources.

We were born to help the world,

Not to destroy it,

Then why we are destroying the environment?

We won’t have a society if we destroy the environment. 

It’s horrifying that we have to fight our own government to save the environment.


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