Jubilingo In being Online (JIO) 

Jubilingo In being Online (JIO) due to JIO. Recently Mr. Mukesh Ambani one of the leading business tycoon had launched a Telecom company named JIO. As he entered into the telecom industry everyone’s attention was towards what new services he will be coming up with so that consumers opt for his telecom company or services rather then the existing one. And with the launch of his one of the dream project, this business tycoon has shocked everyone starting from youngsters to the industries.     Reliance JIO, headed by Mr. Mukesh Ambani also said that his younger son Mr. Akash Ambani is steering this project, on its launching day declared that for the first 3 months company will be providing free voice calls and 4G internet. Not just that but they have distributed the SIM cards free of cost. And the whole crowd gone mad over this decision. Country witnessed big lines for first week in almost all telephone shop. Everyone brought there cards. Being very choosy over the network I use. First time I doubted over the quality of network. So I didn’t purchased it for almost 15-20 days, then I called my di (sister) and friends owing this card and asked their reviews, they were happy with the 4G internet but voice call, it was hard to connect. May be many users using the network at same time created the traffic and so the consumer wasn’t getting the carrier. But they said once the call is connected the call has very good quality. After listening to it I just bumped into the reliance store near by and brought one reliance JIO card.

   The story doesn’t end there, Reliance had launched there JIO Fi. It is a device which works like a router. As soon as they launched this device I didn’t thought for a second and placed an order. And finally it’s been 1 and 1 1/2 month I am enjoying the services. Let me give a quick tour to the JIOFi. 

    JIO Fi comes in the small red box which you can see in below picture. 

In this box you will get a black small device which works like a router, it has a charger, and a battery. 

    The black device is small in size and you can carry it anywhere. You can take it with you in your car, to your office or to your friends home. It’s the biggest plus point of this device. Since it is light in weight it can be carried in pocket, in small purse etc. 

   Then coming to charger, it’s like a normal charger of our mobile phone. 

Now talking about battery then if you want to charge the device fully with USB then it will take around approximately 7 hrs but if you are using power adapter then you can charge with in approximately 3 hrs 30 mins. Once fully charge, if it is in standby mode then it has battery life upto 300 hrs and if it is running mode then it has battery life upto 6-7 hrs. For me once fully charged it can work for 6 full hrs. 

  It’s easy to use device. Very comfortable. The reliance JIO network is also good. Extremely happy with the JIO services. Would thank Mr. Ambani for giving such an pleasant experience. And more power to his step towards making India digital.



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