Don’t politicise the demonetisation 

A lot much has been discussed over demonetisation of the 500 Rs and 1000 Rs note. Many people are happy while many are facing inconvince. Lot of cases and situations had been reported by various news channel were people suffered due to this. The thing is, inconvenience created is not because of the government actions but due to people’s hustle and bustle. Everyone wanted to get rid to this currency and so they started making mess. Even if they had enough change they still  tried to make use of this 500 and 1000 Rs note. Leading to create problem to one who genuinely in need of that. Then many like Rahul Gandhi went to bank to enjoy people getting troubled and earn some browny points and created more mess by making the troubled people more trouble. Story doesn’t end there, many politicians came up opposing this move with their very illogical statements. CM of Delhi (capital city) came up with a video asking questions over this demonetisation of currency and I am here to answer his question. 

Now you all may be surprised that why I am taking him seriously? Well firstly it’s because he is a CM of Delhi, capital of India, a city which has become hell due to the rise in air pollution. People there are afraid of moving out of there houses. According to report if you breath in Delhi once it’s like smoking 40 cigarettes. And this person, who governs this city instead of taking measure steps is busy commenting on that policy of government which is going to give long term profit to our nation. Secondly, this person who started his political career on the very topic or promise to eradicate corruption is opposing this bold step which would in reality can do a lot for return of black money. God!!! It hurts when you see such cruel people. But anyways everyone is watching what is going around everywhere. He has published a video in which he asked few questions and I am here to answer his illogical question in logical way 

Q1) he asked,” why only 500 and 1000 Rs notes are demonetised ?”

Answer: well, Mr. Kejriwal firstly,  black money is accumulated in the form of higher currencies. Now, no  one will keep huge amount in the form of small currency. Secondly, according to reports, and let me clear you this has been reported from many years, even in the era of previous government that many fake 1000 Rs notes are being circulated in the country. This fake currency is unidentifiable. It gets identified only when it entered into banking system. Due to which country is facing major loss.

This you didn’t asked but before you make few more nonsense statements let me specify that the face value of 400 crore fake currency notes are being circulated in the country and around 50% of which are in the form of 1000 Rs. And this fake notes are being produced and manufactured by our very own Pakistan. This fake currency enters India from south and southeastern Asian region. 50% of 400 crore Rs means with this move sureshot 200 cr Rs fake currency will be thrown out. This fake currency circulation is making a profit of around 500 crore annually to ISI. Also, According to National Crime Records Bureau (NCRB) data in 2013, 2014 and 2015 – 194 767, 175 488 and 178 022 fake currency notes of Rs 1,000 denomination, and 429 757, 334 681 and 299 524 of Rs 500 denomination respectively were recovered in India. So, this is the answer for your first question in your video.

Q2) You said, ” BJP member knew this decision before hand and so the leaders of the party has put there money in banks or changed into white?” 

Answer: this the another baseless allegation. No one knew about it. Everyone is as surprised as you over this decision. And yes, if your allegations are even 1% true then I must say that Modiji is successful in this decision since , if black is converted into white we won’t mind. We don’t have issue and we won’t even ask government to punish those who want to convert their black into white rather we will appreciate it. Sir, if you have some black money even you can convert it into white I swear we won’t demand your resignation. We will have a new start. 

Q3) you asked about  “long queue everywhere ”

Answer: well, people stood in similar type of long queue to get a jio card that time you didn’t showed concern but you want to raise the voice now. Change is never comfortable. You have to deal with inconvenience. People are happy to stand in the queue since they have the feeling of doing their duties toward nation. If a solider can die for the country then can’t we stand in queue for the country.

Q4) you asked,” whom you see in the line is common man, farmer, small business man etc”

Answer: well, sir that is how you see the thing. You know how we see this, it’s now that common man standing in a queue, it’s a person who is tax payer, a person who want his country to be developed, it’s a person who is honest citizen. 

Q5) you said, ” people purchased gold and changed their money into white”

Answer: I don’t think you go through newspapers daily. I suggest you to refer some good newspaper. According to The Hindu article, government has asked all the gold jewellers to give complete details about their sell in last three days and failure in giving correct details may lead them to legal proceedings. So don’t worry about one who purchased gold they are going to get everything back sparing none.

Q6) you asked, ” why government is not acting against those whose money is in Swiss bank?” 

Answer: Modiji has warned them too. He said one more important decision for people holding Swiss accounts will be declared on 30th Dec. And don’t forget PM Modi Jo bolte hai wo karte (he do’s what he says) so the mere suggestion what I can give you is if you or anyone from your close one has Swiss account please deal with the account carefully because when Modi comes up with his plan everyone gets strikeout.

Frustration over your video is not because you questioned the policy. Since I too believe that our greatest strength of democracy lies when opposition has the right to ask questions. But frustration is due to you politicising the issue. If you have questions raise your voice without drama. Every time the fake tears won’t manipulate the public. We support this demonetisation and we are with government so please don’t try to forcibly be our voice instead look into the pollution issues faced by city governed by you.


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  1. anandkumarrs says:

    Good post! While on this please read my post – Cash Mukt Bharat!!!
    Feedback most welcome! Thanks

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    1. Insane girl says:

      Good article… it’s really amazing to see people approaching towards cashless economy. The chai wala is now using Paytym for run his business and many more. Once we become cashless we will also become corruptionless.👍🏻


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