Modi: an enlighten man

Today I remember the  Independence Day of 2014 when Mr. Narendra Modi first time gave speech from the Red Fort as a Prime Minister. It was first time that Mr. Modi was going to address the India as Prime Minister. Oh.. what enthusiasm was among the poeple. Everyone was excited to hear him. Everyone wanted to know what he want to address nation after being PM. News channel started predicting on what PM will speak. 

Soon the day arrived, people with crossed finger waiting to hear him. He arrived at Red Fort and hoisted the flag. Then national anthem was sung and now time was arrived for his speech. He started just like as usual with “mere pyare bhaiyo aur beheno ” (my beloved brother and sister.) and he went on with this speech. He spoke around 1 hr 30 mins in which he declared the first ever scheme of this government that was “Swacch Bharat Abhiyan” he asked everyone to participate and importance of the cleaning the country. 

Soon after his speech news channels, political observer and opposition criticised his speech. Saying we wanted our PM to speak on other important issues but what does Mr. Modi spoke on just Swacch Bharat. But they adversely failed to understand PM’s intentions. They took the literal meaning of each and every word and so they were unable to understand the intention and deep meaning behind it. In that 2014 Independence Day speech, 1hr 30 mins speech he wanted to address the nation that from now India will work towards making country swacch from black money, making the country Swacch from terrorism, making the country Swacch from anti nationalist. And within half of his tenure he made it. He made it Swacch. And so I say that Swacch Bharat aabhiyan is the most successful policy any govt have ever implemented. 

It is always said never to take literal meaning of saint. Because you may see his word simple and easy to understand but you can never understand the deep meaning behind it. Or in other words common man can never understand what an enlightened man can.


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