Law of attraction 

If you can conceive your mind and believe in it you can definitely going to achieve. It doesn’t matter whether you think big or small you will achieve what you have think for. That’s all because of law of attraction or even called as law of nature.People often face failure because they often fail to understand this law. Many in this world still don’t know about this law. This law of attraction is as simple as it is complicated. For proper results one has to know ifs and buts of the law of attraction. Few questions regarding law of attraction which can make it simpler to understand goes the way below:

Q) what is law of attraction?

Ans: law of attraction simply states that “what you think, you will attract ”

Q) how does law of attraction works?

Ans: whatever you think, you create a frequency, that frequency is sent to universe, then universe tries to match your frequency with other frequencies coming from your surroundings and then it creates an environment in such a way that it will lead to what you have thought.

Q) if law of attraction is so powerful then people can misuse it?

Ans: Now, for this the best answer is, though society have evil people but one thing is for sure that we have many good people too. When some one thinks to harm society the good thoughts by good people nullifies the effect of bad thoughts by bad people.

Q) if we attract what we think then why does it happen that sometimes we get exactly the thing we don’t want. E.g I have very important meeting and only thought I have in my mind is I don’t what to be late. But then things goes in such a way that I get late to the meeting. Why does this happen?

Ans: well, in this case one thing should be remembered is, universe is a positive source, it does not have any negative word and nor do it accept any from anyone.

 When you say I don’t want to be late that time universe eliminate the negative word I.e. Don’t and accept all other words. So what universe will receive is, I want to be late.

 So it isn’t fault of law of attraction but it’s the fault of our thinking. That’s why many authors,writers and leaders say think positive. 

Q) is law of attraction true?

Ans: yes law of attraction is being proved time to time. Many great authors wrote beautiful books over it. People interested in self help book will know it’s importance since there is no principle of success which does not include law of attraction.

 And all the successful businessman, politicians, leaders, sportsmen etc are the proof that law of attraction exist. Since they achieved what they think for.

Q) what measure things we should remember to witness the law of attraction?

Ans: only things to be remembered are 

1. think positive 

2. Believe in what you think

If you are thinking about something everyday but then at very next moment you are doubting whether you will achieve it or not in that case your thinking is merely a wastage. So believe. Believe in your thoughts. Believe in your dreams. Believe in your actions and believe in yourself. 
I hope law of attraction would be clear with these questions but if anyone still have any suggestions or question they can post below.


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  1. Alok Singhal says:

    It is all our determination and commitment that counts!

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