Apple turned 40…!!!

Birthday wishes to #Apple on der 40th birthday. “Naam me Kya Rakha hai” statement absolutely lose its meaning when we talk about the brand Apple. Real meaning of brand value can be witness with Apple. Apple has always been successfully tried to bring new innovation in the fields of mobiles phones. Their camera are best when it comes to photography. In English there is a proverb “An apple a day keeps the doctor away” but when it comes to Apple technology then it can be moulded as ” an Apple product everyday keeps me smarter always”. 

    Not just Apple as a brand but the one who created the brand “Mr. Steve jobs” story is also inspirational one. Being a second year drop out student still creating a company like Apple not just dat but even after being betrayed by the friends not losing the hopes. And started another successful company named “Next”. Biograpy of Steve jobs is worth to read. 

    As every association has to grow through ups and downs no matter what. Similarly Apple to went through various phase. But one thing is kinda sure they haven’t lose their identity yet!!!! Even today Apple stands out with its identity under the leadership of Tim Cook. 

Once again happy birthday to #Apple

 Pictures of Mr. Tim Cook celebrating Apple’s 40 year shared by him on his Twitter account 


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