Mr.Modi govt empowering women!!!!

When you read my previous blogs you may witness I have been talking about various rape cases and injustice to women. But today, I am here to confess that with the new government something is really changing. In recent elections we people have voted for change and we are glad that we are witnessing the change within very short duration. Despite of what the Mr. Modi hatred media publish about him but his work had always proved his intention of betterment of India.   Women empowerment is the eminent topics discussed in Indian politics but hardly do anybody acted to bring it under implementation. People says real women empowerment was started in Mrs. Indira Gandhi’s era. But, since I have not witnesses her era I don’t know really what exactly happened at her times. As far as the era which I witnessed I think Mr. Modi is the politician who has brought women empowerment into implementation in real sense.

   Few acts and amendments in Mr.Modi governance to give the women their right and equality are:

Women in Airforce:

    In India women were already working in each body of defence but they were limited in duties. Since government is changed, new government on Indian Airforce Day took a major decision to allow women in war zone. This decision now allow girls to fly the fighter jets and fight for the nation.

Women operated flight:

 Air India will flew the world’s longest all women operated flight from Delhi to San Francisco. This is indeed a great step towards empowering women.

Juvenile rape law:

    In India there was no law for juvenile rapist. Mr. Modi has acted seriously on it and after getting majority in parliament the law was passed that no matter what the age of the person is, if he is involved in the rape he will be sentenced to death

33% reservations in police services:

   Well, the amendment was being discussed in parliament since many years. This is brought in implementation in Mr. Modi’s era. 

Panic button in cellphones:

    Mrs. Menka Gandhi has declared that the cellphones in India will have panic button which will be helpful for women in emergency.


Now, all this was on national level. Beyond this various individual steps are taken by state government within area. And I am so proud to say that Maharashtra, state I belong has always kept women empowerment and women safety at the first priority. Few Maharashtra government steps towards women empowerment are:

180 day’s maternity leave:
  Maharashtra government is the first government in India and Maharashtra is the only state which has decided to give 180 days maternity leave. This step is really helpful to mothers who don’t want to lose their career due to motherhood.

Death sentence for harassment:

 Maharashtra government has also passed a law according to which person involved in any harassment case will be sentenced to death.

“Mazhi kanya Bhagyashree”:

    This is the scheme according to which family having only one girl child will be given 10,000 rs per year and 500 rs on her birthday. And scheme extends if the family has two girls. 
  Modi government has just completed half tenure but within this term they took measure decision in promoting women empowerment. Few decision mentioned are taken, few are in queue and more few will be taken till the end of their term. One shouldn’t be surprised by the way women empowerment is promoted by Modi government, since at starting itself when cabinet was declared the way this government has given women some highest offices such as foreign ministry, education ministry, women and children development ministry, parliament speaker etc they gave strong signal now it’s time to implement women empowerment in real sense.

   The positivity coming up with the girl child birth, the position given to the girls in every sector, the rules and steps taken for women safety, after looking at this I can say 

“Something is changing……

     Something is changing….” 



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  1. dis-connect says:

    I can now honestly say that I’m proud of India.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. ghugepriya says:

      Yes…. Absolutely!!!


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