Power of words

It’s been rightly said “we take hardly few months to learn how to utter words but it takes life long to learn how to use it“. Words are the  most powerful thing in the world. when something is so powerful and important then its obvious that we should handle it with care. But most of the time we just go with the flow and we spit out words which can take us to unwanted consequences. 

  It’s been read many times that our thoughts create our environment. But in real sense “our words create our environment “. The way you speak you get trap into that circumstances. And once you get trap, it’s very difficult to get out from that trap. So, it’s been advisable to use words with care.

  When you utter a word you should be sure enough that you have appropriate explanation for every single word. Because your words not just affect you but it can also influence others too.

 So finally we should always keep in mind “we should think before we speak”


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