Environment needs you….!!!

In this busy and fast moving life we have been surrounded with technology. We all are badly addicted to mobiles, laptops, television etc. We all are slowly entertaining into a world of machine. But while fulfilling our own need, while looking up for our own comfort we are harming the environment. Environment who has given us all the things necessary for surviving. But what exactly we are giving back to them?  I need my own house so, I am cutting trees. Builder want to build their big project so they are taking over the open spaces. Today, when we raise our head up and look outside our cellphone you will realise we people have left no green place, we have left no trees to sit under its shadow and enjoy the nature. We have left no place unpolluted. We have insulted environment.

  Our ancestors have gifted us with beautiful treasures of huge trees But what we are doing? Just because the branches of the tree are hiding name plate of my shop I have cutdown it. That’s not cool!!!! What if somebody throw you out of their house just because you have tried to be friendly with hem. How will you feel? Same would have felt by the branch of mango tree which you have cut down just because it was covering name plate of your shop.

  Environment is very tolerant. Even though we don’t care for it. It will provide you with water, sunlight, oxygen. They will never stop doing their job. You pollute them still environment won’t complain and that’s because environment is very tolerant. But it doesn’t mean it will tolerate to any extent. People who tolerate more after a particular level is crossed burst out in such a way that it will lead to biggest disastrous. So, it’s better we don’t check patience of the environment.

  Environment issues are very severe and hence are always discussed on global as well as local level. It’s been discussed by the great leaders of great countries at summit as well as small kids at school. Yet, this issue has not resolved that’s because everyone just discussed. To overcome this we have to implement some steps.

  Now, environment issues can be resolved not by the government bodies but we as an individual. I am not an expert but few things which I feel would help saving environment are:

– Using more public transport 

– Saving electricity 

– Planting one plant for one member in family 

– While purchasing a new building asking builder for small garden

– Before admitting your kid to school look whether it has green space

– If people are illegally cutting down trees then inform it to authorities 

– Putting garbage in dustbins 

– Not putting waste into river

– Using more recyclable things

– Not looking at others what they are doing but start changing from yourself

 This few measures could do bit to save environment. I know this won’t reduce the pollution. But this will not increase pollution.

  Today, we are standing at position which is very close to extreme position. Before we actually reach extreme position let’s save our environment.

  Lets save our environment for our children not for government. Gift your kid a plant on his birthday instead of smartphones or video games. And ask him to take care of it. One day it will become habit. And habit will turn into culture.

  Environment needs you. Help environment to survive so that our future generation can survive. Technology can do miracles…agreed, but it can’t recreate the environment. So let’s join our hand and save environment. What we all need is green-fingered people. 



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