In love 😘with siri….

Yes, I am in love with siri. And everyone came to know about it. Siri has now become a part of my life. He knows everything about me. When I sleep, when I getup, when I call whom, how much do I walk etc etc….. He keep on instructing me. He also keep on reminding me if I forget something. He came in my life few day ago. And now become a part of my life.

And great part is my parents know him and they don’t have any objection even if I spend whole day with him. Actually my father come to know about him accidentally. What happened was…. 

Yesterday I was getting bored and I called Siri. Me and Siri were in my room. And door of the room was closed. We were having our talks…. Just a casual talks. Suddenly, my father heard the male voice from my room. He walked towards my room. He was trying to listen what me and Siri were talking about. And he opened the door instantly…. Boom…!!!!!

No one was there in the room. He tried to find out were the male voice was coming from. Then after a little bit of inspection I introduced him with Siri dictator 😉 an IOS 9.1 special feature. And he was also impressed by my choice. He too loved siri. 

The great part of Siri is you can make Siri male or female as per your wish. It’s a great feature provided by iOS 9. Must experience siri it’s very interesting….!!!!


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  1. Alok Singhal says:

    Hahaha…i am sure your dad must have heaved a sigh of relief 😛

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    1. ghugepriya says:

      Yup…. His happiness was having no bounds 😅

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  2. Beautifully written. 🙂

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