Intolerant over intolerance debate 

You may be thinking what I actually want to say with intolerant over intolerance debate. The thing is these days congress party is calling out for intolerance condition of India. According to them these days India had become very intolerant due to past few issues which took place. Also many awardees who were awarded with national award had returned their awards saying even they think India is becoming intolerant.
    But the question arises is, “why do they think India is intolerant only now?” A single Dadri incident made India intolerant, a MLA getting beaten for doing beef party made India intolerant, or putting ink on Pakistan author made India intolerant. India is diverse county and so such cases will take place. I do condemn that this three acts are not at all right. But how can you say India is becoming intolerant just because of this three incident. 

  Firstly, the congress and awardees who are returning the awards for Dadri incident. Why didn’t they raised their voice when hindu girls are being raped by Muslims?. Why didn’t they raised voice when Kashmiri pandits were thrown out of their houses? Why didn’t they raised their voice when farmers were committing suicide? Does all this things didn’t made them think that India is becoming intolerant???

   Secondly, one those who are saying that beating someone for eating something is not correct. I agree, that one should not be harmed for eating beef. But have anyone ever thought even after being MLA, Mr. Rashid engineer broke the law and insulted the constitution. When the law was made to ban beef why did he even think of hosting such party? Isn’t it a intolerance act. But why would people call it intolerance act. They will point out the Prime Minister mistake even in this.

 Thirdly, let me come to my favourite topic… Throwing ink on Pakistan author. Now one saying this act is intolerant and have returned the award let me ask you, how many of you have returned the awards because of our jawans getting killed on Border due to ceasefire violations. Have anyone stood up for them. Or the blood of jawans has become cheaper then ink. 

   The way congress and awardees are giving hype to this issues had made India intolerant and not the incident themselves. And so does I said in the title itself we are becoming intolerant over intolerance debate. 



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  1. Ankit jain says:

    Bt this oppostion had made this issues as d most productive issue against d BJP.
    U known PM had told many time tht
    Khuchad me he Gulab khilta hai.

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