I am a free bird, but in the cage

Yes, you read it right. I am a free bird, but in the cage. Well, thats because i am a girl. When a girl in India step out of her house, not just she but even her family lives in trauma whether that girl will return safely or not. Right does the saying in hindi goes “ladki khuli tijori jaise hoti hai” which means girls are like open treasure. There is always a feeling some one will steal it. Same is the feeling when a daughter,grand daughter, sister, or wife is not at home. Even though we have freedom still there is a sense of fear and thats because i am a girl.
   Last few days i heard some breathtaking incident that blowed me. And most of them where from the capital city of India i.e. Delhi. I am ashamed to say that my capital city has turned the capital city of rape. 

 Let me start with the Recent case ,2 juveniles has gangrape 2 year old girl in Delhi. I mean like have people lost their mind. How can one do this? Thats something unhuman act….

Another, again from delhi, a man raped a dead body for over a night. City where kids and dead bodies are not spared by the brutel rapist imagine how safe are the young girls and women there!!

   And when people or the beloved one of the victim ask for the justice. Firstly the victim and their family are accused and then so called politics is done by the politicians on the matter. 

The CM of Delhi Mr. Kejriwal had taken few steps which include setting up of special benches so that the pending rape cases are solved. This steps taken by him are welcome. But everytime after any rape case government says they will take serious action. And they take it seriously but only for a month. After a month again everything returns to daily routine. Delhi CM says he want Delhi police under his control to solve such cases. But the question arises is “a person who can’t even control dengue cases , can he be able to control whole delhi police force?” 

     Well, not here to do blame game but just want to put reality. It seems like instead of looking into how to punish the rapist he is busy politizing the issue to bring power under his control. He is a CM if he decides to punish the rapist and stop such crimes their can be many different ways to do even if he dont have police under his control. He can use social media, adversiment and many different ways to do it. 

   One more point, the Delhi police comes under control of PM. I respect my PM alot. I believe no one can ever take his position. He is the best and most hardworking PM india ever got. But as the crime rate in Delhi is increasing its his duty and responsibility to look over it. But it feels like PM is so busy in preaching and promoting his party in Bihar election that he is forgetting his responsibility. What is the use of BetiBachaoBetiPadhao (save and educate girls) campaign. If one can’t provide safety to them. Women Empowerment can’t be lead with such atmosphere. And also a misconception created by the politicians that women empowerment means reservations to women but its never that way. We girls have talent and guts to acheive things. And best example to prove this is the results of board exams, civil services exams etc where girls are acheveing the top ranks. Women empowerment means safety. 

    I hope politicians understand what is the need and clear their misconception over the women empowerment. 
   As i have said earlier not here to judge anyone or support or oppose any party. But just want to put the facts so that people should think over it. We are really fedup of all the politics going on over each issue in the country. Now we want to see the change. Because our heart cries when we hear that small kids of merely 2-3yrs r being victm to such crime.  



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