Battle of the Bed

These days thought i should improve my living and picked up a very good n self realization book named “Who will cry when you Die” by the most popular writter n speaker Mr. Robin Sharma. And according to him if one has to live a successful life then it is very important to wake up early in the morning atleast at 6 o’clock.

     So, in order to live a successful life i have decide to wake up at 6 o’clock. I set my alarm at 6 o’clock and slept. But in the morning, it was such a struggle to get up. I almost had a war with my iphone. I was just about to break it. But thank god my mother turned up at right time. Its been my 3rd day i am not able to conquer this battle😞 

  The biggest battle i am going through now-a-days is battle of the bed. Trying my level best… I hope i win this battle…


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