Politics of hoarding and advertisement in India!!!


Now-a-days my newspaper changed from newspaper to paper with political advertisement. The roads of my city are decorated with brand new hoardings every week. This made me think on “how much money is wasted in all this?”. On one side farmers are committing suicide and politicians instead of helping them are busy in doing advertisement or publicity.
     If there is politician birthday you will see hoardings of wishes and if some project is signed then congratulations or thank you hoarding are seen. But the question is ” is it really needed?” I guess if made assumption every month few thousand and every year few lakhs are wasted in all this stuff. Being a responsible citizen I feel this highly unacceptable.
      Firstly the birthday wishes hoarding should be banned because it makes no sense. Secondly the congratulations and thank you hoardings is also not needed because we have elected you as MLA, CM or PM and its your duty to provide us with facility. The projects which you are signing are needs of people and to fulfill their needs is your prime duty so special thank you and congratulations is not needed.
       Now this was all about hoarding let’s talk about television ads. If talk about it, it cost a lot and unnecessary television ads of political party is very disgusting. Well people reading this can understand what kind of television ads I am talking about. This kind of TV ads, hoardings and newspaper advertisements gives me two thought either political parties are very rich or they simply don’t care of people and they are here just for publicity.
      I too know its very important to make awareness about policies and project but this can be simply done by using social media, radio or they can also call for press conference and declare the things in that conference. The newspapers will cover the stuff in their newspaper articles and news channels can cover it on their channels. If all this can be done free of cost then why to put money in this things?
       OK now people may say the money for hoarding and ads are taken from parties fund and not from govt fund. But then if any party has so much money I think they should give it for nations development instead of wasting like this since even now India needs funding.
      Well this blog is not to criticize anyone. But this blog is just to make realize the politicians that right now “society needs development, development needs money” so please don’t don’t waste money on unnecessary ads and hoardings


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  1. Alok Singhal says:

    I just feel India is full of corruption, and they somehow make money in all these worthless acts.
    Moreover, there are no laws in India (and i don’t think they will ever be) to stop these politicians from such extravagance.

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    1. ghugepriya says:

      Ya.. Very true… Politics is now bcum only advertisement. No one cares fr ppl welfare dey just wanna make der party n dem self strong n powerful. Seriously dey have proven d real meaning f politics (blood suckers)

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