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Every second, every minute, every hour we are thinking something. If you say you are not thinking then still you are thinking that you are not thinking anything. Well, getting confused? Don’t be. Thinking is just like breathing. Breathing is needed to be physically alive and thinking is needed to be mentally alive.
       Your thoughts are reflection of your thinking. One thought is related other, other to another and it continuous just like chain reaction. One cannot control their own thoughts they flow in any direction.
       Suppose you are looking at a plant in garden and thinking about its beauty, fruits n growth. But suddenly you see children playing in the garden you start thinking and relating things with them then if bird is sitting in the nest then your mind diverts from children to bird. Bird start flying in the sky and you look up and think of the sky. Now look how your thoughts changed from earth it went to sky.
       But its important to analyze in which direction your thoughts are flowing. Are they flowing in positive or negative direction? One should make sure that their thoughts are going in positive direction because anything negative is dangerous and no one likes it. But I have mentioned earlier that we cannot control our thoughts. Then how to make sure that our thoughts to flow in positive direction?
        Well, its very simple. Everyday as you wake up go through some good books, good thoughts or quotes. That’s it and you are done. This will act as a fuel for the vehicle of your thoughts.
          As it is rightly said well begun is half done. Starting your day with positive thoughts means getting  relief from half of your problem. So keep reading good books and quotes to get good thoughts.



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  1. vilas shrirame says:

    Well thought to write about thoughts, good try, appreciated.
    Just a small thing if you dont get offended and might be a rude though, but still there is a difference between ‘your’ and ‘you are’ please correct .

    Liked by 1 person

    1. ghugepriya says:

      Thanks fr sharing my mistake. I have updated d post. I never mind in taking suggestions. I believe v all r human n can make mistakes but beauty lies in accepting our mistake and improving it.
      Once again thanks a lot….


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