Dreamers and dreams

Dreams the most beautiful thing with no limitations. We can dream what we want. There are no charges for dreaming. Still people don’t know why keep small dreams. There are few rules about dreaming which most of the people are not aware about. Here I have listed them:-
1) Dream Big:-
         The biggest and most important rule of dreaming is dream big. As dreams cost nothing one can dream up to any extent without any restrictions. And most of the time people really don’t come to know whether their dreams are big or small. There is one solution to check whether your dreams are big/small. Tell your dream to anyone who is close to you. If that person laugh at your dream then understand your dream is really big and if he/she doesn’t laugh then understand your dream is not so big and you have to dream something bigger then that.
2) Dream with open eyes:-
          Dreaming doesn’t mean to dream with close eyes. One should see dreams with open eyes. Which means its not all about seeing dreams buts its all about working towards your dreams. Wherever you are and in what ever condition you are, just work with full passion and dedication to achieve your dreams.
3) Believe in your dreams:-
          Belief is the most important factor in anything you do. Even if your dreams look impossible from your current position and condition believe in it. Don’t keep any doubt about your dream. If you believe in your dream your dream will definitely come true. Since it is rightly said ” if you can dream it then you can achieve it.
4) live your dream:-
        Seeing dreams n working for it is isn’t enough you should live your dream. You should keep on repeating the things which are related to your dreams. You should keep imaging the things related to your dreams. But don’t share your dreams repeatedly to those who don’t understand the value of your dreams as they can reduce the value of your dreams.
             So, this where few rules of dreams. People, flying in this sky once was someone’s dream and world thought it was impossible but then it became reality just because of Wright brother’s passion and their belief in their dream. So believe in your dream you never know what and how things are turned up to you.


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