Swacch Bharat Aabhiyan

P.M.Modi started swach bharat aabhiyan,
For which many politicians and celebs came up with a broom in their hands.
Some came up with really good thoughts and spirit,
While some just took snaps and post it as tweets.
Cleaning India is not an easy task,
But Modiji had faith he can do that.
Coming forward and cleaning dirty areas once is practical,
But maintaining it ,is a job with lots of obstacle.
India can be maintained clean ,
When govt provide every city n village with dustbin.
Providing dustbin is not only the thing,
But cleaning it regularly is also a need.
I know providing dustbin on such large scale needs much funding,
Which govt can’t afford to put in.
Still they are trying their level best,
To make India clean leaving rest.
I think we should also stop blaming eachother,
And support govt in this good step by cleaning places nearer.
India is our home we should respect it,
Before throwing paper or waste on road we must re-think.
So,let’s come together and promise our own self,
That we will not just be proud of being Indian but make india proud of us one day.


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