Justice for Aruna Shanbaug

Sad…..angry…..frustrated. Today one angel Aruna Shanbaug died who was raped by a devil. And devil is still alive.
Everyone is showing the condolences.Everyone is showing their sympathy for her. But is that all enough?
Every year we come across one or two most terrible stories of gang rape n rape cases. Till today can we even figure out how many girls are fallen victim to such crime. Is my India so unsafe for girls? And if yes then why to run campaign like “Beti Bachao”?
Eveytime stories are repeated on news channel, people do candle march, politicians do politics but who is going to solve the issues. When is my country going to be safe place for girls.
Is Indian law so helpless that it can’t even give justice to such victims? Are my people not afraid of the law of my country? As they are not even thinking before committing such crime? Don’t really know who has answer to my question? Govt? Law (HC or SC)? And when are they going to answer, after all girls fall victim fr such crimes?
RIP Aruna Shanbaug hope you will get peace atleast in heaven



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